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Online meeting rooms with just one tap.

Access from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. No downloads or setup required.



No downloads

Runs in your browser with no additional software required.

HD Video & Audio

Industry best video and audio quality.

Unlimited access

Available 24/7/365. Connect from wherever, whenever you want.

Simple and easy to use

No need to read a manual, it just works.

One-tap to join

You can invite attendees via email, telephone, or simply share a link with them.

Collaborate effectively

Screen sharing, polls, Q&A, recording, chat, and whiteboards — everything you need to work effectively.

Always available

Built on robust infrastructure with 24/7 availability in mind. Your meeting room is always ready to go.

Simple, transparent pricing

No surprises.

Meeting rooms


for up to 20 participants

all features included

Conference rooms



/ month

upto 100 people

all features included

One-Off Conference



/ event

upto 2000 people

all features included

What our customers say

“Just thought I’d check in and let you know it’s working really well, It’s so nice and simple to just log in and have the odd call throughout the day and I can monitor what time people are starting etc without being too heavy about it so top marks from us.”

Oliver Lang
Managing Director
PHA Modelling Agency
“Thanks, this is the perfect solution for our needs.

I am now able to communicate with my team much more effectively now we are all working from home. I like the way people only have to click the link to access.”

Tony Lanzbergin
Gustav Bonnier
“I like the fact this has a more to it than the standard video meetings software out there. The whiteboard is a nice feature and I like the fact you can live stream from YouTube and run very high quality conferences with polling, Q&A.”

Simon Thompson
"I loved it and I will be using it again!

I loved recording I loved that i can remove people i love i can mute people ."
Kahlial Smith
"What would have the ui is very simple and easy to use.Website is great thank you for made this !! "


Yes, very nice and efficient."
Joao Vaz

Frequently asked questions

Is it really Free Video Conferencing Software?

Yes, our online meeting rooms for up to 20 people are 100% free to use 24/7/365. Only our larger sized meeting rooms (over 20 people) and conference rooms are chargeable.

Do Meeting Rooms offer enterprise pricing?

Yes, we have a number of clients that run large scale conferences on a regular basis and offer master client accounts for businesses with over 100 staff members.

What support is included?

This is our USP! We have a team of agents that are on hand to help you during normal office hours. No robots here sorry!

Can the participants in a group meeting talk to each other?

Yes, they can. You can ‘Join with Audio’ to be able to listen and speak during the meeting, and there is also the option to use ‘Text Chat’ as well. If you opt for one of our larger size plans you will also be able to access the ‘delegate chat’ and ‘panellist chat’ features as well.

What is the maximum duration of a meeting within the free option range?

There isn’t one! Our FREE plan is truly free so you can talk for as long as you want. You won’t find a 45 minute limit here!

How many participants can be in a call?

Our small meeting rooms can hold meetings with webcams for up to 10 people and have dial in VOIP capabilities.

Does it really require no installation?

Yes, all of our meeting rooms require no download whatsoever. You simply receive a link which can be used 24/7, 365 days a year. You can add password protection if you want to.

Does it work with any browser?

Yes, it does work on any browser but we best recommend Google Chrome, Firefox and other modern updated browsers.

Does the person controlling the meeting have a control over who is speaking and when?

Absolutely! The option to mute all delegates is a standard feature in all our larger size plans. We expect that everyone will want to participate in the smaller meeting rooms, and so unmuted is the default setting.

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