Screen sharing

Share your screen with one click

Quickly share your desktop, browser tab, or software application. Install our browser extension and get your share on.

1. Click 'Share screen'

Initiate your screen sharing by clicking the Show Desktop icon in your side bar.

2. Install the extension

Follow the instructions that appear and install the extension for your browser.

3. Choose your sharing option

Select your window or app and have a sharp and smooth sharing experience.

Screen sharing makes your job easier

In the modern workplace we all have finite time and resources to get a lot of work done. Video conferencing saves us the trouble of getting all the right people in one place - and screen sharing makes the decision stick. Live demonstrate a piece of software or an application remotely, without worrying about making your technology work on an unfamiliar piece of hardware. Collaborate on projects and click through a website with coworkers, even if one of you is out-of-office Train your staff or your customers by showing them exactly what to do by sharing your screen with them.

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