Videoconferencing for every kind of work

Meeting rooms

Up to 20 concurrent participants. Completely free.

HD video and audio

Enjoy high-definition video and audio in your meetings.

Multi-user whiteboards

Draw on and share with everyone without having to stand up and present.

Screen sharing

Share your screen, app windows, or presentation with the click of a button.

Conference rooms

Broadcast your message to up to 10,000 delegates.

Multiple speakers

Up to 10 concurrent speakers that can present from anywhere.

Q&As and hand raising

Let your participants ask questions during a video conference.


Create custom, engaging polls during your video conference.

Lobbies and breakout rooms

Offer dedicated spaces for breaks, topic discussions, or interactive group assignments.

And so much more

24/7 availability

Connect from wherever, whenever you want.


Enterprise grade security

Protect your data with SHA-256 with RSA encryption.



Affordable scalability

Modular flat-rate pricing makes for cost effective growth.


Based on 100% HTML5 & WebRTC, MeetingRooms runs in your browser without additional downloads.


Robust & bandwidth friendly

Designed to work always, in any setting.



Mobile browser access

Connect from any phone, tablet, or mobile device - without downloads.

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