How A Video Conference Can Help With Your Marketing Efforts

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Events are an essential part of a marketing strategy and virtual events are a really important part of this nowadays.

Virtual conferences are a great way to engage and re-engage with your audience, drive conversions, reach new prospects and drive results?

They are also more cost-effective, logistically simple, and more accessible for all participants than more traditional in-person events.

Let’s take a look at seven ways that a free video conference online can help your marketing efforts to help inspire your strategy for 2021 and beyond.

  • Conferences and summits – a great way to build brand awareness and trust with your customers by showcasing your businesses knowledge of a specific subject as well as generating leads and growing your audience. Such events tend to include a variety of sessions and provide audiences with an opportunity to engage with the chosen subject matter
  • Festivals – Festivals are a great way to bring a large audience together around entertainment and an exchange of ideas. You can use video conference software to help customise your online environment and better communicate your brand aesthetic and values
  • Contests and competitions – virtual events that encourage customer participation offer some of the best opportunities to cultivate relationships with your audience – so look for ways to bring your customers into the action. You could do contests, live chats or even Q&A sessions
  • Award shows – In a similar way to festivals, award shows allow companies to get an audience together who have a shared interest of a specific topic – and can help you establish brand authorities in a given space. Use it as a chance to spotlight products, conduct demos and do some show and tells.
  • Products launches and demos – Online events are a great vehicle for business announcements to create an urgency while expanding your access to a larger audience right across the globe. You can showcase your product and take questions from the audience in real time to build interest in your product and engage your customers
  • Webinars, workshops and training – Virtual events provide a great opportunity for audience participation compared to other online tools. Take advantage of this by using games, raffles and other interactive sessions to keep your customers attention and deepen their engagement with your brand
  • Thought leadership events – An advantage of using online meeting software to host your virtual event is that you get more access to audience analytics. You can get a clearer idea of how attendees interacted with your event content and use this to inform your overall marketing strategy and optimise any future events you run as well.

With their emphasis on video and real-time audience participation, online events can deliver unusual impact to increase audience engagement, brand awareness, and lead generation. Using video software free can help to facilitate a professional, branded experience for all attendees.