Video Conferencing: How to set it up

video conferencing, Video Conferencing How to set it up

If you are unsure as to how to set up free video conference calling then this guide will walk you through the process.

Video conferencing is an ideal way to host a meeting these days, with employees and customers spread all over the globe and many restricted as to where they can travel thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Setting up a free group video conference is a fairly easy process and this guide will tell you:

  • What hardware you need
  • What software you need
  • How to set up video conferencing on a laptop

What hardware do you need to set up video conferencing?

Traditionally to conduct a successful business conference, at a minimum you would need a large screen that is connected to the internet – if you have a large number of people gathering in one place to attend the conference that is. The screen should be able to display the content of the meeting and the attendees – and so it needs to be able to connect to the internet.

You would also need a web camera, either integrated into your computer system or an external one, with a minimum quality of 1080p Full HD.

What software do you need to set up video conferencing?

To ensure your video conference set-up is seamless it is recommended that the video conference software you use has:

  • Recording capabilities, so that you can share it later by playback
  • Robust security
  • Screen sharing capabilities
  • Stellar sound quality

In case you hadn’t guessed has all of these features plus many more.

How to set up video conferencing on a laptop

In these days of lockdown and self-isolation, gathering a large group of people together to all view a video conference in one place is not always an option. This is where comes in as you can use it to conduct a video conference from your laptop.

You should make sure your laptop has the following:

  • A webcam – either integrated into the laptop or externally mounted to a monitor
  • A microphone and speakers – again integrated or externally connected
  • Video conferencing software –

Why is the best option?

There are lots of reasons why can help to ensure your video conference goes off without a hitch, such as:

  • Easy to use – You can joining a video conference directly from your browser – with no downloads or passwords required
  • Chat box – Comments and questions can be made in the chat box, without interrupting the speaker, making it great for sessions which include a Q&A session
  • Screen sharing – The best way to deliver a presentation is to show visuals. software allows your speaker to share their screen or let other people in the conference share their screen

If you want to learn more about free group conference calling try it for free today.