Virtual Events – How to Keep Attendees Engaged

Virtual Events – How To Keep Attendees Engaged

Any event professional will tell you that it is tough to get people to engage with your event. But when you are shifting it online to online free meeting rooms and your attendees will be faced with a wide variety of distractions. Busy inboxes, pressing to-do lists, social media feeds and online shopping are all just one click away when you are already online.

Does this mean that you have to settle for low engagement for your online event? No way! There are lots of things you can do to boost audience participation – you just need to know what.

It’s all about Communication

The fact that more people are working at home again during this second lockdown means they are facing more at-home distractions so you will need to work harder to grab their attention – and hold it!

Communication is key. Your attendees need to connect with you in order to focus on your virtual gathering rather than tuning out and checking out some other content on their phone. Engaging content is a great way to hold attendee’s attention for long periods of time without distraction.

With that in mind, here are Meeting Rooms (free video conferencing online) top tips on how to keep attendees engaged:

  • Create pause points so that people can chime in. Attendees can only give their full attention for so long and so working pause points into the content of your event can help keep the interest high – especially if you allow them to comment, ask questions, or vote in a poll
  • Put a face to the voice. When we are listening to someone, we use cues from their facial expressions, posture, and stance to help us understand the message they are trying to get across to us. Make it easier for your attendees to do this by using video to put a face to the voice
  • Enlist a passionate speaker. There is nothing worse than logging into a webinar and hearing a monotone voice reading out slides. Make sure your speakers are knowledgeable, organised, and most of all passionate about their subject.
  • Use interactive features. Using interactive features such as live chat, polls, and live Q&A’s at an online event will break down barriers between attendees and the host.
  • Ensure the technology is up to the job. Hosting your event online is going to be a lot cheaper than hosting a face-to-face event, but you need to still make sure you are set up for success. That means hosting your event on the best platform for the job.

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