Virtual Education Fairs: Why Are They So Popular?

Virtual Education Fairs

As with every other industry, the education industry has had to pivot and adapt to be able to cope with the current COVID-19 pandemic. One of the ways they have done this is through the use of online free video conferencing to host their education fairs

What are the education fairs?

Education fairs are fairs that are attended by higher education facilities in the local area, with the aim of giving students the opportunity to find out about courses offered, financial aid, admission requirements, accommodation, and so on from a variety of places. It means they can gather all of the information they need to know in one place before they make an informed decision about which college or university they would like to apply to.

In the past, these have been done face-to-face in large conference halls, but with that option not being open to event planners this year – many have looked to free video conference call software to enable them to retain the branding and sponsorship options that come with hosting an education fair.

But why are virtual education fairs so popular?

#1 Generate a higher attendance rate

If your education fair is based in Manchester, UK then attendees from all over the world may feel that the cost of travel, accommodation and food are all prohibitive. Plus, you as the organiser are going to face many costs as well – such as venue rental, logistics and catering costs. Hosting a virtual education fair means you can attract attendees from all over the globe – not just the local area – and potentially widen the student attendee net for your university of choice.

#2 Fast tracking of the application process

Hosting a virtual education fair online also means you can digitise a lot of the associated processes more easily as well, and perhaps even tie in associated application tools so that the universities involved do away with the manual task of sorting through hundreds of manual applications. Exhibitors can also set up one to one meeting’s with candidates they are interested in, and students can more easily contact the particular University they are interested in.

#3 Branding opportunities

Each University is different in terms of its culture and branding, and many online video conferencing software sites offer the opportunity to showcase that culture in a more engaging way than if they were just sat at a physical booth. Meeting Rooms, for example, allows them to share relevant documents, videos and images directly with attendees – and there is even an option to chat directly with the attendee then and there.

Virtual education fairs are just one of the many ways that Meeting Rooms online free video conference software can be used – why not sign in today and see what else you can use it for?