Video Meeting Rooms: What are they and what can you use them for?

Video Meeting Rooms

The way people work, especially when it comes to collaboration, has changed in recent years, and no more so than the last few months due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.  More companies are now having to conduct business remotely, and so video meeting rooms offer them a cost-effective way for their whole team to meet face to face and collaborate – regardless of where they are located.

Meeting Rooms makes it really easy for you to set up an online meeting room, that you can share with participants in seconds, Attendees and the organiser can jump into a virtual meeting room quickly and easily for an impromptu meeting, or you can schedule recurring meetings effortlessly too.

What is a video meeting room?

A video meeting room is the name given to a shared space hosted by a cloud service, that allows for online collaboration to take place. It is an online meeting room where multiple participants from a variety of locations can collaborate through the use of an online video call. Meeting Rooms only requires the organiser to have a webcam and browser in order to host a real-time, face-to-face meeting with remote attendees,

When might you use a video meeting room?

Whatever the reason for your meeting, be it connecting with remote co-workers or meeting new clients, you will usually spend a considerable amount of time getting everyone together in the same spot. Video meeting rooms allow you to eliminate the travel costs and time associated with a traditional in-person meeting while still allowing you the benefit of collaboration.

You could use a video meeting room for:

  • Remote work meetings – Using online tools like Meeting Rooms means that companies are no longer limited to drawing from the pool of talent in their local area, they can draw from a global pool of talent. Video meeting rooms allows companies to have engaging and productive team meetings, wherever their employees are based
  • Company-wide meetings – One of the most challenging issues for global companies with remote team members is creating organisational alignment. Virtual conference rooms can unite your team, allowing you to give a virtual presentation to everyone, bringing the entire company together, and ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal
  • Meetings with clients – We all know that face-to-face interaction with clients is key to maintaining a productive relationship and being responsive to their needs. Virtual meeting rooms make it possible for you to connect with each and every one of your clients on a regular basis – and you can even jump into impromptu working sessions

As a result of Meeting Rooms’ free video conference service, it has never been easier to have remote meetings meaning all employees are more in sync, meetings are more productive and decisions can be made at a faster pace.