Video Conferencing Trends for 2021

Video Conferencing Trends for 2021

In this year of Coronavirus, video conferencing has grown rapidly, with approximately 58% of businesses now using online video software for their everyday operations – and this rise in use shows no signs of slowing.

With remote workforces being embraced by organisations all over the world, what can we expect to see in terms of video conferencing trends next year?

#1 User Experience Is Key

Most people are happy to use FaceTime and WhatsApp to video call their friends – but what makes them so popular? They are so easy to use. With one tap of a button, you can be connected to people all over the world. This focus on user experience is now trickling into the professional world of video calling as well.

Organisations and their employees are going to migrate towards video conferencing solutions that offer the best user experience, such as Meeting Rooms. Our browser-based video solution makes online meetings effortless and quick to prepare for – no digging through emails and team messaging apps for passwords here.

#2 Video quality is critical

As distributed workforces become the new norm, poor quality video is not going to cut it. Remote workers need to be able to connect with their customers and colleagues in a way that replicates an in-person meeting – and fantastic video quality is the only way to do that.

#3 Enhanced Privacy and Security Features

Security and privacy are top priorities for businesses in the best of times, even more so now as the use of video conferencing is on the increase. We are even starting to see the adoption of video conferencing in industries such as healthcare and law, and so it is imperative that we ensure we are not only protecting user data but protecting from fraud and abuse as well.

#4 Gamification incorporated into video meetings

Gamification is the term used to describe the incorporation of game design into a non-game context through the use of things such as points, badges, and rewards. It has been growing in popularity in the business world in previous years, and so we expect to see more companies adopting gamification into their video meetings to help drive productivity and boost employee engagement.

You could try dividing your employees into small teams and then getting them to collaborate on an activity virtually by using our screen-sharing and annotation functions. You could also implement a system where employees score points for attendance or for being the first person to check into a meeting.

One thing we can all agree on is that HD video conferencing will continue to help transform the global workforce. As remote working grows in popularity, and more meetings are held online, video communication will be a big focus for businesses moving forward.