Video Conferencing: How to be Successful

Video Conferencing

Selecting the right video conferencing solution for your business is the first step towards holding more successful video conferences and meetings. With the improvement we have seen in technology in recent years, it is now possible to improve team collaboration, move projects forwards, and maximise your time together.

The team at Meeting Rooms, part of Conferences Group, have years of experience in conferences and meetings, and so we have pulled together our top tips on how to run a successful video conference:

Tip One: Prepare meeting information and share it ahead of time

You could do this by email, but it is far easier to have a practice run on your video conference and get everyone online. You can introduce everyone, share their role in the upcoming project, and help everyone to get on the same page.

Tip Two: Clearly communicate the meetings objectives and your expectations

We have all been in meetings that go off course, when people get side tracked with irrelevant conversations, so make sure your video conference runs effectively by outlining your objectives beforehand, and your expectations as well.

Tip Three: Start on time

Complicated online meeting technology which makes it hard for people to join, can eat into your conference time and put people off joining in. Make sure you respect everyone’s time by using a simple to log into solution, like Meeting Room to ensure everyone starts on time.

Tip Four: Allow everyone to participate

Some people are really comfortable at speaking in front of people, and some are not. The benefit of video conferences is that lots of different ways that people can participate, such as sharing their screen or uploading content either before, during or after the meeting.

Tip Five: Ensure everyone involved is engaged

The problem with video conferencing is that if someone is silent, it may mean that they have tuned out. Ensure everyone is engaged by reading their non-verbal cues and when to move on from a subject or dig a little deeper into it.

Tip Six: Table in some off-topic discussions

As we have said in tip two, it can be easy to be steered off course in online conferences, and so you need to undertake some careful monitoring to ensure the most pressing issues are discussed during your allocated time. Keep the meeting moving, and on-time, by closely following your agenda and creating a ‘parking lot’ for any topic that comes up that you need to discuss later

Tip Seven: Wrap up with some clear action items – and follow up on them

Employees can end up attending many meetings in their day to day life and so it is vital to follow up with all of your attendees to ensure they are progressing any action items that have been assigned to them.

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