Using Free Video Conference Software for Awesome Virtual Events

Free Video Conference Software For Awesome Virtual Events

Event marketing is not what it used to be. If you have been dealing with events and conferences over the last 18 months, then no doubt you will have had to move them to the virtual world – which may have been a bit of a challenge if you weren’t used to using free video conference software.

Recent research even shows that more than 82% of those surveyed prefer to attend in-person events than online as they believe in-person events offer them better lead generation opportunities.

However, if the past eighteen months have shown us anything, it has shown us that many of the traditional rules no longer apply, especially when it comes to attendee engagement and sponsorship. Using free video conferencing online to host your event might seem daunting at first – but it presents you with a great opportunity. You can craft a narrative around your event showcasing how fun and resilient your brand is, and hopefully, attract an even larger audience than before.

The responsibility of an event marketer is to deliver value to sponsors while also ensuring attendees are engaged. Creating moments of delight for attendees is a great way to check off both boxes.

Here are four ways you can surprise and delight attendees at your next virtual event:

#1 Send them some swag

Event attendees love the free stuff they usually get at events, such as t-shirts and keyrings. Why deny them this if your event is going to be a virtual one? Partner with sponsors, and create boxes of swag that can be shipped out, such as branded items and invitations to private events.

#2 Host a happy hour

Along with sending them a box of swag, why not ship a cocktail recipe and all the necessary ingredients and then host a virtual happy hour? Include the sponsor logo on screen the whole time, to drive home the branding message, while also creating a fun experience for all attendees to enjoy.

#3 Arrange an attendee lunch

Support local businesses by setting up a code with a delivery company such as Just Eat or Deliveroo, and offer attendees lunch on you. This also saves you from the dreaded consequence of attendees logging off to go and find some lunch, and then not logging back on again.

#4 Keep attendees engaged by getting them moving

Don’t allow attendees to get disengaged between sessions by partnering with a local DJ or music company that will get people on their feet. You could also partner with a yoga or meditation company and offer attendees the chance to take a breather when they need a bit of pepping up.

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