Using A Branded Video Meeting Room For Inside Sales

Branded Video Meeting Room

Did you know that a branded video meeting room can be used to enable a personalised inside sales experience?

More and more businesses are using video conference tools to conduct their business communications in an effective manner in the current pandemic we are all still learning to live with. Branded video conferences are a great tool to use internally within a business to communicate with teams of marketing personnel, sales representatives, product owners, and other employees who may be situated all over the globe – as it can help them to work together, whatever their physical distance may be. As well as this, some businesses are also using video conferences as a way of communicating “face-to-face” with clients, investors, and suppliers that are located abroad – which is known as ‘inside sales.’

What is video conferencing used for inside businesses?

Research has shown that as video conferencing is now available to all employees who own a mobile device or laptop, many different business departments are now using it in various ways:

  • 50% of CEO’s are using video conferencing to allow more flexible work schedules for their employees and also for inter-departmental meetings
  • 46% are using it for international meetings
  • 39% are using it for new business sales
  • 39% are using it for company/department meetings

The rise of inside sales

Many B2B companies are making inside sales a priority this year, investing in inside sales to increase market coverage and upgrading their inside sales engagement processes and techniques.

This rise in investment in inside sales has been triggered by three main factors:

  • Competitive pressure to cut costs, while bringing products to a wider market more efficiently
  • B2B buyers becoming more comfortable with collaborating and purchasing remotely via conference calls, email and social media
  • Video conferencing technology like Meeting Rooms allowing sales representatives to create a customer experience that is very similar to that of an in-person meeting

Branded video conferencing rooms for inside sales

The visual aspect of a pitch is not to be underestimated. More often than not, the use of visuals during a pitch can make your brand stick with customers and boost their trust in you. Meeting Rooms offers you a white label video conferencing solution, helping you to create a personalised environment that makes both you and your customers feel at ease and eliminating many of the barriers usually associated with physical distance.