Online Meeting Software: What is it and how to use it?

Free Online Meeting Software

Online meeting software is software that allows multiple people to join the same video call in real-time, no matter where they are in the world. Online meeting software, like Meeting Rooms, is becoming increasingly part of our normal day-to-day working lives thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as it lets us communicate easily with colleagues while we are all working from home.

Keep reading to find out the key features of free online meeting software and why it is so important to businesses.

What is online meeting software?

As we have outlined above, online meeting software is the general term used for virtual meeting software packages that allow people to communicate in groups. Meeting Rooms is different in that it does not need to be downloaded; it can be used online. All meeting software will require access to your built-in camera and microphone in order to allow you to communicate with everyone else in the virtual meeting room.

Meeting Rooms also has lots of other great features like screen sharing, and whiteboards which allow you to run your virtual meeting as you would a meeting in the “real world”.

Why is online meeting software so important?

In the last twelve months it has been more and more difficult for people to physically come together in the same room, and what online meeting software does is gives businesses and teams the ability to keep operating in the way they usually would, without the need to be in the same place. You can have different members of your team in different cities, towns, or countries, all sharing ideas and communicating in order to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems – without needing to be physically together. 

However, as well as solving the challenges associated with social distancing – it also helps to cut down on the environmental and economic effects of commuting too. Which is no bad thing.

What is the best online meeting platform?

The best online meeting platform is the one that is most right for your individual circumstances. Some meeting apps are best for chats between friends or just two or three people. Meeting Rooms is a free online conference software designed with businesses in mind. It doesn’t need to be downloaded, it is easy to use and it is secure – and it also includes lots of great features that you would expect from a real-world meeting.