Online Conferences: An Introduction

Online Conferences

Online conferences (or meetings) are conferences that are held using a computer application or web browser.  Obviously, with the world the way it is at the moment, they are growing in popularity – due to the ease of being able to connect your whole team, wherever they are in the world.

What is an online conference?

Online conferences happen via software downloaded on a computer or mobile device, or via a web browser application.  You will need a computer, or mobile device, that is equipped with a microphone, an internet connection, online meeting software, and some people to meet with who also have the same. If you are really interested in online conferences, then you will need additional functionality, such as screen sharing, polling, digital whiteboard and more.

What to look for in online conferencing software?

Whatever size your company is, and whatever your budget, the things you will need from your online conferencing software:

  • Intuitive. Users should be able to connect to the conference easily, so that meetings can start on time. A non-technical person should be able to connect without any training.
  • High-quality and reliable. Users should be able to hear everything that is being said, no matter what device anyone is using. There should also be no drop-out wither.
  • Text chat. Fully interactive private or group messaging to help maximise productivity and keep work moving forwards.
  • Screen sharing. Screen sharing with no lag, and with crystal clear quality to enable everyone to have a clear picture of what is being shared
  • Multi-use whiteboard. Allows all involved in the conference to share and explain concepts interactively, and work on complex ideas together
  • Content library. Allows you to upload video, text, spreadsheets, databases, audio and even YouTube videos and share them with all participants.
  • Recording capability. The software used at allows you to record every conference or meeting you take part in, so that they can be viewed or shared at a later date.

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