How Free Video Conferencing Online has Boomed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Free Video Conferencing Online

Coronavirus has had an impact on businesses across the globe, not least those in the events and hospitality industry. Event planners have been left with difficult choices to make – either cancel or reschedule their events or move them online through free video conferencing online software.

This hasn’t been easy for many event professionals, as they have been concerned about what they might lose with not being able to run their events in their usual format. However, the ones who have succeeded have managed to pivot their events by grasping the benefits of using a free video app and what they can do with it – rather than focusing on what they can’t.

The best solution to the challenges we are all facing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is to take events online – making them virtual events. Most people are online nowadays, including your event audience, and possibly they are even more so than they were before this pandemic started. They are sitting at home consuming content online every day, and a lot of people are still working from home – and so your list of potential attendees can now be pulled from all over the world – rather than having to keep it local. Moving your event online removes all logistical barriers which may have been in place when thinking about attending a physical event.

So, what are the main reasons why video conferencing has boomed during the recent COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Advances in technology – Meeting Rooms can offer you HD video conferencing with the ability to screen share, use of a multi-user whiteboard, the ability to upload and share files of all types, AND you can record your meeting to view again later
  • An increase in the use of the internet – everyone is online now, consuming information and content on a daily basis. All of your online interactions now have an impact on your audience and your marketing efforts.
  • Increase in accessibility – Your attendees now don’t have to worry about travel costs, accommodation or food – the main barriers to event attendance are now removed

Delivering a wow experience to your online event audience is now possible with Meeting Rooms free video conference software – sign in today to find out more.