Five Ways to Use White Label Video Conferencing

White Label Video Conferencing

You have probably got quite used to white label video conferencing over the last few months, especially if you are one of those people who has been forced to work from home since the UK went into COVID-19 lockdown back in March. So, you don’t need us to tell you exactly how versatile it is – I mean look how quickly it helped us all to adapt to the ever-changing work environment we now find ourselves in.

Even some of the biggest companies in the world now rely on branded video conferences for important meetings and board room events – and have expanded their usage of the tool out to help them to increase productivity and efficiency while also reducing costs.

If you want to know how you can use white label video conferencing software like for your business, read on:

  1. Use it as an office portal. Many of us are missing the impromptu brainstorms we used to have with our co-workers in the office, so why not use meetings rooms as an office portal? Setting up an online meeting with co-workers where they can bounce ideas off each other is a great way to encourage collaboration and innovation amongst employees
  2. Catch up with your employees one-on-one. More and more of us are dealing with the idea that we will be working from home for the long term, which means that employers are now having to think about how to conduct appraisals. Using video conferencing software can help them to conduct personal one-on-ones with employees in a way that both of you can trust.
  3. Complete a design review. If you are a creative company you can use to help you to conduct design reviews for anything from marketing collateral to software reviews. The screen sharing feature built into the website means that there is no need to deal with large emails and file uploads, you can all see the design live and talk through any tweaks there and then
  4.  Video Interviews. Recruitment took a bit of a nose dive at the beginning of the year, but more and more companies are now looking to expand and fill vacancies, and a great way to do this and still abide by the social distancing regulations is through video interviews.
  5. Sales Presentations. Talk to any sales person you know and they will tell you the fastest way for them to close a sale is face to face – which has been a bit of an issue this year. enables your sales team to still look the customer in the eye, share their screen with them and deliver the dynamic presentation you need them to in order to close the deal.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of ways you can use branded video meeting software to help. Get started with simple video conferencing online today.