Conferences: What Does the Future Hold?


Conferences have brought large groups of people together to share ideas and network in the past. Meetings Rooms, free video conference online software, takes a look at how can the event business ride out the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The global conference industry has had to take a massive pause due in the wake of COVID-19. Typically, conferences take place in hotels or event centres, with attendees sitting closely together, sharing food, and talking in little groups. Many large conferences also see people flying in from all over the world, which makes the changes in viruses spreading even higher.

Right now, it should come as no surprise, that conferences are hard (if not impossible) to hold. Both due to public health measures that have been put in place, and travel restrictions as well. Yet it is really important that they continue, as the events industry is a global one which supports thousands of jobs. But how can that happen in a Post-COVID world?

A transition to digital

Just as a lot of businesses have got used to working online, transacting their business through video conference software, so many conference organisers are doing the same.

There was a lot of talk about so-called e-conferences before the COVID-19 outbreak, due to the fact that we are living in such a digital world – but not many people had explored it as a real option. People felt safer doing what they had always done. However, the Coronavirus outbreak has forced everyone in the events industry to take another look at it and people are starting to realise that they can do a lot of things in the virtual world – instead of sending people all over the world by plane or train.

One thing that event organisers will have to content with is that online conferences do not have all of the features that a physical conference does. It is best to not try and replicate the physical conference experience online, but instead approach the digital conference with fresh eyes.

Networking is a huge part of physical conferences – as you have the ability to talk to speakers or other members of your business community, get inspiration and communicate your ideas. This element of being around others and getting energised, is harder to capture online – you tend to stick to the agenda, which are shorter than physical conferences.

There are pros and cons to both physical and digital conferences, but digital conferences may just be the saviour of the events industry during this difficult time.

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